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What type of camera do you recommend using with CAM Wizard?


CAM Wizard is compatible with any video capture device that operates correctly with Windows XP. Our suggestions are as follows:

For indoor office use

We recommend Logitech devices because they look fairly unobtrusive and perform relatively well. The "Logitech QuickCam Pro" has a particularly fine chip and quite a good lense that gives great colour reproduction even at fairly low light levels.

For nightime use

we recommend devices that have built in IR LED transmitters, usually these devices operate in colour in the daytime and then switch to monochrome and power up the LEDs automatically when dusk falls. You can hunt for suitable cams on ebay by using the search term "night cam" or "ir cam"

For permanent installations and outdoor use

We recommend using a real weatherproof CCTV cam and then feed the video into a video capture card using video cable.

Make a bargain CCTV system on ebay:

4 Port video capture card.
Get one with a "conexant" chip on it and then you can "unlock" it using our CCTV4 Driver. This works out a REALLY cheap way of getting a superb video capture device.

CCTV Video Camera
Choose which type you wand, bullet cams are good for indoors, ir cams for night time, etc.

CCTV Cable
Get a good enough length for your application, the frequency of video signals means that it travels well down matched cables.

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