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I use a program (nncron) to start and stop applications on my computer. I would like to start CAM Wizard on camera 1 in the mornings and then start on camera 2 in the evenings.

Are there any command line arguments that I can use to tell CAM Wizard what camera to initialise on?


Yes use the following command line arguments (without quotes):

  • "CAM1" for camera 1
  • "CAM2" for camera 2
  • "CAM3" for camera 3
  • "CAM4" for camera 4

For example, to make a shortcut on your desktop for camera 2 then just make an ordinary shortcut on your desktop for Cam Wizard and then right click it and in the "target" box, modify the shortcut to something like this:

"C:\program files\LEDSET\CAM Wizard\CAM Wizard.exe" -CAM2

notice that the only thing added is in bold, the original link is left unchanged. In this case we just added -CAM2. Notice that it is added outside the quote marks of the shortcut.


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