CAM wizard CCTV Software.

 • IP cameras
 • USB cameras
 • Time Schedule
 • Motion Detection
 • Send video emails
 • FTP upload videos
 • Record to Hard Drive

Set up a CCTV surveillance camera system with motion detection capabilities in a matter of seconds using any video device. Compatible with all versions of Windows from XP to 10. Runs very fast and stable.

Cam Wizard monitors live video feed from a USB camera or a networked IP camera. If the feed gets interrupted Cam Wizard wil reconnect automatically. For networked cameras both JPEG and MJPEG streams are supported.

Sophisticated motion detection algorithms look for motion in the live scene, state of the art algorithms make sure that false trigger events are minimised.

After motion is detected video and audio is captured as a compressed movie and instantly archived straight to your hard drive or network drive. You can record in WMV or use any video encoder on your PC.

Cam Wizard features Time Slide technology which is pre-event triggering of video capture. So video recording can start BEFORE any motion gets detected. For example: if someone walks into frame then the archived footage will start some time before the motion was detected. An amazing feature, only found on the best and most expensive CCTV systems.

For a dedicated CCTV system on a budget then we recommend purchasing a second hand PC of say 1GHz CPU and perhaps 100gig HD, this is more than powerful enough to run Cam Wizard without any problems.

You also have the option of automatically sending the captured footage as an Email. Just leave Cam Wizard running in your system tray and let it capture detected motion into a WMV file that is then sent to any email address. The emailing engine is fully compatible with all major webmail providers like GMail etc. and you have the option of employing SSL encryption for the trasnsfer.

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Cam Wizard also features a robust FTP upload engine, so it can be used to push live cam JPEG pictures onto a web server using the standard FTP protocol. This allows you to even view a webcam that's behind a corporate firewall, very handy for setting up an office cam or cubicle cam.

Cam Wizard can pretty much do it all, motion detection, video capture, emailing, archiving, FTP upload, etc. If you're not sure whether Cam Wizard can help you then we recommend that you give the FREE 30 day trial download a quick spin on your system, we think you'll be surprised at just how powerful, flexible and stable Cam Wizard is!

For more information about Cam Wizard check out the online user guide where you can see a screen shot of the application in use, or if you've got further questions, why not browse the FAQ.


  • "Thanks so much for the software upgrade to version 9 and sorry to have pestered you over it so much, the email now works flawlessly for me 24/7"
    Scott P.(UK)
    LEDSET Relpy: "No worries Scott, I´m also happy that we got email working solidly"

  • "What a great piece of software, the timeslide feature is superb for such a reasonably priced system, keep up the good work Ledset! All the best"
    Adrian T (UK)

  • "Would like to say that i have tried 22 other different webcam programmes and none of them even comes close to yours. Kind Regards and thanks for an excellent piece of software."
    Ken. (Coventry, UK)
  • "Wow you've made my day, I've just finished setting up and testing Cam Wizard, I had to come up with a solution to monitor our reception area with cameras and record video footage, Cam Wizard does just what I need, only recording detected motion and storing on an external hard drive unit, plus it was very easy to set up, just had to buy a webcam. Can't believe how much money I've saved taking the software route :) Thanks again!"
    Justin F

  • "I bought Cam Wizard and the software works like a charm all through the night. It even works when my screen saver goes into password protect mode which I was having a real problem with under other systems so the software has passed all my tests with flying colors and I have a full fledged motion detecting security cam system, I am a very happy customer. Thank you very much for your great product!"
    David B

  • "Your application is awesome, and the customer service is even better! Having tried various other security cam software solutions I can say without a doubt yours is the best and most stable by far. Well done and keep up the good work, I'm sure Cam Wizard will be very successful, I've told all my friends about it!"
    Mark J

  • "Thank you for you prompt reply!...... Very impressed with your efficient support service!"
    Michael H

  • "After using the free demo for over a week, I'm more than happy with the stability and consistency of Cam Wizard when compared to the other shareware solutions for cam software with motion detect, that's why I've just registered. I'm very pleased with my purchase. Just one question though: could you incorporate a SMTP server into Cam Wizard? My ISP uses SMTP authentication which Cam Wizard can't work with!"
    Paul T (USA)

    LEDSET replies:
    "Paul, Your wish is our command, you will be pleased to know that Cam Wizard now has SMTP authentication in the latest release. This allows for standalone email sending through any internet connection regardless of your ISP. Hope you like this new function."