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Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available in versions 4.08 onwards. This is handy if you have home automation software and you want to have it control cam wizard based on external events from other applications/sensors.

Usually you can configure your home automation software to send "Windows Key Event Messages" to any named application of your choice.

Maybe you want to enable/disable motion detection along with the arm signal for your house security system. The keys are not case sensitive, i.e. you can press 'q' or 'Q', it doesn't matter about caps lock.

[F1]= Invoke CAM Wizard help

Motion detection:
= Disable motion detection
[2] = Enable motion detection
[3] = Disable motion detection audio alert
[4] = Enable motion detection audio alert

Image archiving:
= Disable WMV file archive after motion detected
[W] = Enable WMV file archive after motion detected
[E] = Disable JPG file archive after motion detected
[R] = Enable JPG file archive after motion detected

Email sending:
= Disable Email send after motion detected
[Y] = Enable EMail send after motion detected

Webcam tools:
= Disable motion detection trigger
[S] = Enable motion detection trigger (will disable capture always mode)
[D] = Disable capture always mode
[F] = Enable capture always mode (will disable motion detection trigger)
[G] = Disable HTTP server
[H] = Enable HTTP server (will disable FTP upload client )
[J] = Disable FTP upload client
[K] = Enable FTP upload client (will disable HTTP server)

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