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Hard Disk Management


The top field allows you to choose the storage path that CAM Wizard should use for all captured video files (both JPEGs and movies). This path can be either a local hard drive or it can be a network path (on a fast network where you have write privaleges).

To enable disk management simply tick the box. When enabled, the disk manager simply keeps an eye on the folder specified in the top field. Making sure that the amount of drive space used by cam wizard never exceeds X GB, where X is set by the user.

How it works:
Every 10 minutes, the disk manager will slowly and quietly scan all files in the directory. If the sum of the filesizes is greater than the "Maximum space allowed for WMV and JPEG storage" then the oldest file gets deleted until the sum of the filesizes is within the allowance. We wrote a safety measure into this feature: only files containing the string "CAMWIZ" can be deleted by this process.


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