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FTP Client Setup

This is the remote viewing option that we recommend, unlike the HTTP server option, it will work on any PC with internet access, even if it's sat behind a firewall or a router. Plus it is more stable and secure in operation.

You will need some free webspace with FTP upload capability, we recommend using this resource to select some free web space with FTP upload capability: After signing up for your webspace, the webspace provider will be send you the information that you need to enter into CAM Wizard. This information includes: the "FTP server address", the FTP "account username" and the FTP "password".

After CAM Wizard has uploaded JPGs and/or WMVs to your FTP web space, you just need to enter the address of your FTP folder into any browser address bar, you will then be able to browse all captured JPGs and WMVs.

The "Folder to use as captured image cache" is where the captured JPG is cached before FTP uploading to your server. This folder is also the folder that the built in HTTP server will serve the file called index.htm from.


The screen shot above shows the FTP WebCam setup screen.

You can specify (optionaly) a "sub folder" within your FTP server account space in which to upload your files to.

To use as a webcam that will constantly push images onto your server just tick the "Capture constantly " box.

Checking the "Keep timestamped JPG archive" box will cause all saved images to be kept and timestamped on your remote FTP server. Be aware that this will cause your server to slowly fill up with JPG images, when using this option you will need to manage the web space and delete older images as necessary.

We have also included an option to "Upload any new WMV movies" to your FTP server. They are named with the same timestamped name that any movie shoot produces.

There is a small window of time that the live JPG on the remote server cannot be read by a browser. Instead of seeing the cam picture you may see a red cross no image. This is due to the file being operated on by the CAM Wizard FTP client. An F5 browser refresh will more than likely cure it.


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