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HTTP Server Setup

In version 9.01 onwards the built in web server has been removed due to the modern internet and ISPs making it difficult to setup any PC as a server. We recommend using the FTP upload option instead.

But we recommend signing up for a dedicated gmail account just for camwiz and using the email option, that way you get a safe archive of all your security videos off-site.

However if you really wish to access your recorded movie folder from a remote off-site computer then you could also consider using "opera unite" which works well for this purpose:


CAM Wizards HTTP server features UPnP technology, so if your router is equipped with UPnP then make sure it's enabled. You may need to enter your routers setup screen and tick a box labelled something like "enable UPnP".

Once UPnP is enabled, CAM Wizard is then able to configure your router silently behind the scenes using the UPnP protocol, so you don't have to worry about NAT traversal, port mapping or anything like that.

When UPnP is operating correctly the HTTP icon will have a fat, green node.




Despite the UPNP engine, It is still not always possible to use the HTTP server on all systems and network configurations. If you are having trouble getting the HTTP server even after reading the troubleshooting tips below, then we recommend using the FTP upload option instead.

In order to activate the built in web server you need just need to tick the "Enable live image HTTP web server" box.

This will cause the setup screen to exit and then if all goes well, after a little while, the HTTP icon will turn green. If the icon does not go green then see the troubleshooting section beloiw. When the icon is green you can enter your "Permanent cam URL" into any internet browser in order to view your cam.

To use CAM Wizard as a standard webcam broadcasting device you should make sure the "Capture always" box is ticked.

After enabling the HTTP server by ticking the box, you are given a "Permanent cam URL".

This permanent cam URL can be used to view your webcam from anywhere in the world, simply by typing your permanent URL into any internet browser you will be instantly shown a live feed of your cam.

To test the server use one of the test buttons:

The "Loopback test" button performs a loopback connection on your own PC to test if the server is running correctly.

The "Test via proxy" button tests the server fully. This full test is accomplished by employing a third party proxy based far away from your machine somewhere out there on the internet. This proxy machine then tries to browse your local CAM Wizard server and then sends that page back to your local web browser. So rest assured, if the proxy test is succesful then you can view your cam from anywher using any browser, even a PDA browser!

NOTE: You do not need to register the software in order to receive a URL, this is all fuly functional in the trial.

The frame rate of the live video feed is adjusted by means of the "1/10th seconds between captures" control. A setting of 5 will yield the maximum browser FPS of 2 frames per second.

Permanent cam URL, what is it?
Cam wizard incorporates a permanent URL generator, this means that your CAM Wizard web cam will have one URL, it doesn't matter if you power your system down and then have your PC reconnect to the internet, even though your PC will probably then have a different IP address, your static URL will still work, magic!

Your permanent URL is always bound to your copy of cam wizard. Email your permanent URL to a friend or relative and they can simply click on the link as it appears in an email, they will then instantly see your live webcam in their browser, they won't need to install any software or download any movies, amazing and so easy to use!

TIP: If you are going on holiday then make sure that CAM Wizard is included in your startup folder within your windows start menu. This will ensure that your CAM Wizard will reboot in the event of a power failure or system crash.

Using your Usernumber and Password (num & pas at bottom of http setup screen)
If you want to use the login screen and use your username and password then simply use this URL: and enter your user-number and password at the login screen.

The HTTP server function is only available to CAM[1] i.e. the instance of cam wizard started by the program icon "CAM Wizard [1]" in your windows start menu. This is because your PC can only run one web server at a time. If you want to view several cams by remote viewing in a web browser then this can still be done, simply start up all the cams you want to broadcast and make sure you enable the HTTP server in cam 1.

TIP1: Viewing the raw JPEG image
If you wish to view the raw image JPEG that CAM Wizard uses then you must add "\image1.jpg" to the end of your permanent cam URL. So your URL will look like this:

Of course the 16 digit number will be different in your permanent URL.

Note: If you have configured CAM Wizard to use another name for the cached image, by specifying a different name in the "desired JPEG filename" box, then you MUST use that name in the extended URL in order to view the correct image.

TIP2: Reducing CPU load on a cam server PC
To conserve your CPU power when you're just using CAM Wizard to broadcast live feed/s we suggest turning the motion detect FPS to 2 and then disabling the motion detection. Turn the above settings down on all the cams, this will really help reduce your CPU load.

TIP3: Serving a customised viewer web page
If you want to serve a customised camera page then feel free to edit the "index.htm" file in the program folder for cam[1], located at the path specified in "Folder to use as captured image cache". We suggest using an HTML editor like DreamWeaver to edit the "index.htm" file that we supply to you. Make sure you don't damage the javascript, you may want to copy the file first before you start editing.


  • When operating correctly the HTTP icon turns green. Failure to turn green means that the server is not initialising correct for one reason or another.

  • If your permanent cam URL contains all zeroes "" then your copy of CAM Wizard cannot login to our LEDSET server for some reason:

  • Are you sat behind a router or are you within a LAN? If so then you may not be able to use the HTTP web server option. We have incorporated a UPNP engine into cam wizard to maximise your chances of getting throug gateways/routers but if you simply can't get it working then you can still remote view by using the FTP option.

  • Do you have anothother firewall, apart from standard WinXP firewall, e.g. are you running norton, zonealarm etc. If so then try disabling it temporarily, if that fixes it then you need to configure the firewall such that CAM Wizard is allowed to listen for an incoming IP connection.

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