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Setup Motion Detection

The screen shot below shows the motion detection setup window.

"Delay Before Arming "
This specifies how many seconds CAM Wizard will count-down before arming the motion detection.

Tweak this until CAM Wizard responds to movement with your camera setup.

When enabled it prevents false triggers being produced by noise appearing in single frames. For example, some camera systems produce a horizontal noise line when an electric item is turned on/off in close proximity to the camera. The filter will prevent such noise from generating a motion detection event. When the filter is enabled, motion must be detected in 3 consecutive frames before it triggers.

"Audio Alarm "
This allows you to configure the motion alert audio alarm. By default the synthetic siren is selected and you are able to adjust the volume by means of the slider. If you wish to play an MP3 file every time motion is detected then just select "audio" and then select any MP3 file on your computer using the [...] button. Note that the default MP3 is a HIFI barking dog sample that is provided with CAM Wizard free of charge.

"Detection Area"
The user is able to specify a region in which to check for motion. This region can be manipulated by simply dragging the small circular green handles. To add a new handle simply doubleclick your left mousebutton anywhere in the area. To delete an existing handle simply doubleclick that handle.

"Show Motion"
When enabled, any detected motion is shown in an animated transparent green overlay grid within CAM Wizards main video window. This option should only be used while setting up as it consumes CPU and only serves as a visual aid, once you've setup CAM Wizard to your liking, we recommend that you disable it.

"Pop up from tray"
When enabled CAM Wizard will popup out of the system tray anytime that motion is detected, great if you wish to be silently alerted of motion whilst you are busy working away on your PC. If you wish CAM Wizard to automatically return to the tray after motion has finished then tick the "Pop down" box.


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