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Setup Time Scheduler


The scheduler allows you to specify when you wish your system to be "armed". The red periods indicate when the system is disabled, the green periods when it is "armed". Simply dray your own schedule using your left and right mouse buttons. When the scheduling is enabled, the motion detector icon in the main application window has a little clock over it.

Start CAM Wizard when Windows Restarts/Reboots:

By enabling "Auto Start" you will cause CAM Wizard to be executed as soon as your system boots up. If you have an unattended CCTV application then you must make your computer bootup without any user interaction. In order to make your system boot up without any user interaction press the "Configure Logon..." button and make sure you untick the box labelled "Users must enter a name and password to use this computer."

If you enable "Restart PC Daily" then your PC will automatically restart itself daily at the time specified. This option is usefull if you have an unattended, embedded, CCTV installation. It will make your system less prone to OS problems and memory fragmentation problems that can be experienced on long uptime systems.


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