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The Status Text & Icons

The status text and icons give "at a glance" info on the status of CAM Wizard:

Status Text:
The status text can read as follows:

"motion detection active in X"
CAM Wizard will be on guard looking for motion as soon as X reaches zero.

"motion detection is "
CAM Wizard is active and 'on guard' looking for motion in the scene.

"capturing video frames"
CAM Wizard has detected motion and is capturing video.

motion detection icon:
Clicking this icon will enable/disable the motion detection

Motion detection is disabled, if CAM Wizard sees any movement it will simply ignore it.
Motion detection is enabled, as soon as motion is detected, CAM Wizard will start recording.
If you see a small clock appear over the motion detection icon the this means that the scheduler is currently controlling the enabled/disabled state of motion detection.

motion detection alarm icon:

Clicking this icon will enable/disable the motion audio alarm

The audio alarm is currently disabled.
The alarm is active though not currently sounding.
Motion has been detected and the audio alarm is sounding.

video capture (recording) icon:
Clicking this icon will open the capture setup screen

The video capture function has been disabled in the capture setup screen. Any recorded movies will not get archived to disk.
The video capture function is enabled and is currently awaiting any motion to be detected.
CAM Wizard has seen some motion and is recording video. The video will be archived and emailed as necessary.

EMail icon:
Clicking this icon will opens the email setup window

Email is disabled, you can enable it in the email setup screen
The EMail function is enabled after any motion is detected and video recording has finished, the movie clip will be emailed to the email address specified in the email setup screen.
The EMailing engine is busy sending EMail/s with attached WMV movies and/or JPEG stills.

Disk management icon:
Clicking this icon will opens the disk management setup window

Disk management is currently disabled.
Disk management is currently enabled and active.

HTTP Server icon:
Clicking this icon will open the HTTP server setup screen.

The HTTP server is disabled.
The HTTP server is enabled but it is not operating correctly or it is unable to log into the LedSet dynamic IP server.
The HTTP server is enabled and running, useage accross a LAN is guaranteed, but useage over the internet is not guaranteed due to the UPnP having not configured your router yet.
The HTTP server is enabled, running, plus the UPnP engine has managed to configure your router quietly in the background so the chances of serving via HTTP over the internet are very good.

FTP upload icon:
Clicking this icon will open the FTP client setup screen.

FTP is disabled, enable it by setting the tick box in the FTP client setup screen.
FTP is enabled but it is still trying to log in, if this icon persists for over 1 minute then there is a problem with the FTP settings or the remote FTP server is not available.
FTP is enabled and CAM Wizards client engine has succesfully logged into the remote server.
An FTP image is currently being uploaded to the remote FTP server.


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