CyberMod running on an iPAQ

Pocket Cyber Mod plays
the following file types:
mod, med, s3m, stm, xm, it

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Cyber Mod

What is Cyber Mod?

Pocket Cyber Mod is a mod music player for PDA's running Microsoft Pocket PC. Cyber Mod Player is freeware so you can use it and distribute it as you wish provided that you don't sell it. After you've finished browsing this page be sure to check out our other software titles.

What is Mod music?

The sample files of today like mp3 and wma are only possible thanks to cheaper memory (the kids nowadays don't know how lucky they are... etc...). Mod music was developed at a time when storage/program memory was very expensive. A mod file contains a few tiny samples and some instructions telling the computer how to build a tune out of them. The end result is great sounding music that only occupies a miniscule amount of memory. This is IDEAL for smaller computers like PDAs, after all you won't fit many MP3s on your iPAQ but you'll be able to fit thousands of mod files on it.

How do I Install it?

Uninstall previous versions first! Download the auto-installer:

Latest Release v1.04 20th Jan 2005

Run it on your desktop to invoke an ActiveSync install. Or you may prefer the individual .CAB files here:

CyberMod_sa [85kb] STRONGARM
CyberMod_arm [85kb] ARM
CyberMod_sh3 [94kb] SH3
CyberMod_mips [99kb] MIPS

After unzipping one, execute it in place on your PDA.

Where can I get MODs?

Here's a zip file with some great tunes written by a chipper who goes by the name of TDK, we like these, because they are hand crafted to be polished whilst taking very little storage memory.

You can search for many more yourself, here's some links:

Chip Tune

Back 2 The Roots
ST-00 Mods Memorium

GoogleSearch (Chip Tunes)...

How do I use it?

After copying some tunes onto your iPAQ, launch 'Cyber Mod.exe'.

Tap the 'OPEN' button and select a tune. You should hear it play straight away.

You can adjust the sliders by grabbing the vertical bar and dragging, or a less fiddly way is to tap the horizontal bar to the left or the right of the vertical bar.

The only control that's not hyper intuitive is the 'BUFFER' slider. This allows you to specify the size of the audio buffer. A lower setting will make the player more responsive to user input, A higher setting will make the player more resilient to glitching. The new buffer settings will only take effect after you've pressed 'STOP' or 'OPEN'ed another tune.

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