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Information for Resellers and Affiliates:

Are you in the software business? Well you could be! Read on....

All of our software is available for sale through the RegNow affiliate system, we offer all affiliates a generous commission rate of 35%.

When you become a RegNow affiliate and start selling our software, you are guaranteed your commission, that's because LEDSET software contains affiliate tracking code: Basically you are given special web links to versions of our software that are especially built for you with your affiliate ID embedded right into the software. You could include these links on your webpages or even in your email signatures.

Because you are given links, this means that you don't need to host the files yourself so you dont have the overheads of server rental to worry about.

When a customer registers a copy of the software that you have linked them to, you receive a commission payment. Payments are directly wired into your bank (US/CAN/EU) once a month. You can login to your RegNow affiliate account and check how many copies you've linked out and how much cash you've earnt.

If you send out lots of email then you could be earning lots of extra cash every month simply by modifying your email signature so that it includes a tasteful small text advert at the bottom singing the praises of CAM Wizard and linking to your affiliate version.

It's free to become a reselling affiliate, and there's no fees or obligation after sign up. After signing up as an affliate you will also be able to sell thousands of other software titles available on the RegNow system so in time, should you so wish, you will be able to setup a software superstore and start making serious cash. To sign up as an affiliate with RegNow click here. For more info about the affiliate system click here.

PAD Files and RegNow IDs

Below are the PAD files for our software products, PAD files contain all the information needed to post the software onto a website. It is possible to obtain website building systems that you simply feed PAD files into, these systems then automatically generate slick software selling pages with screenshots, affiliate links etc. so that you do not need to enter all of the information by hand.

CAM Wizard media pack:

A collection of banners and text links that you can use to market CAM Wizard. You can access the media packs folder here and you can access standard sized banners on a wep page here.

Media Pack

Label Wizard media pack:

Label Wizard has a collection of banners and text links that you can use to market it. You can access the media pack artwork folder here.

Media Pack

 Windows Shareware:

 Windows Freeware:
Pocket PC:



iPhone and Android
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