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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I have problem with my Pocket PC that I had to reset it three times in the last six months. Is there a way I can back up the data file so that I do not have to re-enter the stock symbols everytime I reset the unit?

A. Yes you can perform such a data backup procedure:
[1] Find the PocketCharts program folder on your PocketPC. Usually \Program Files\PocketCharts.
[2] Make a copy of all the .PRI and .INI files that you see within the program folder
[3] After your new PocketCharts install just copy these .PRI and .INI files into the new program directory.


Q. How do I configure my PocketPC to get it on the internet?

A. Check out our guide taking you through the process step by step.


Q. What exactly does Pocket Charts enable me to do?

A. Pocket Charts is a sophisticated charting application for the Pocket PC operating system. It enables you to quickly download stock/index price data off the Internet and then view it in the form of interactive charts on your PDA. Once you've downloaded the data you're able to view your price history charts offline. As well as standard price charts you can overlay many Technical Analysis charts, each one being fully configurable. This empowers the private investor with the ability to make buy/sell decisions no matter where he is, up a mountain, on a train or sat in his armchair. As well as all this you're also able to get realtime quotes on all of the stocks/indexes that you're watching.


Q. What exchanges does PocketCharts enable me to query?

A. This table shows you the exchanges compatible with PocketCharts and the quote time delay that you can expect from each.


Q. Is Pocket Charts free, and does it expire after 30 days?

A. The download is completely free, it doesn't expire after 30 days. The software is restricted in that it only allows you to monitor two ticker symbols in the system at any one time, so you could watch say the S&P 500 Index(^spx) along with say Microsoft(msft). You are given full functionality of the software for the two ticker symbols. If you want to monitor more than two ticker symbols then you should register the software for a modest fee, registration will also lubricate future development of which all registered users can take advantage of for free!


Q. How do I install Pocket Charts?

A. Simply download the ZIP file off the download page. Open it in WinZip and double click the 'Setup.exe' file. Alternatively you can download the zipped .cab file to suit your PDA; simply unzip the cab file, copy it to your PDA and then double tap it to commence the install.


Q. Are any future versions of Pocket Charts planned?

A. Pocket Charts is still being developed further in response to user feedback. Whenever a version update becomes available a registered user can download the update and register it using his/her previous registration key. In other words, pay once, benefit forever. New versions of Pocket Charts can be installed over older versions without any problems.


Q. How do I know what ticker symbols to enter.

A. You can use Yahoos symbol lookup facility. This allows you to search for ticker symbols by entering all or part of the name of the stock or index you're interested in.


Q. What's the maximum number of ticker symbols that Pocket Charts can follow at any one time?

A. At present Pocket charts is able to track up to 128 ticker symbols at once when registered at professional level.


Q. How come Pocket Charts seems so much smoother and faster than some other PDA programs?

A. Pocket Charts was coded entirely in Visual C++, so it runs at top speed. Many other pieces of PDA software are written in Visual Basic which needs to be interpreted at runtime and thus runs far slower.


Q. When I download data I can't see it all and the chart date says '--1--1--1'?

A. You have an old version of PocketCharts that had an issue regarding the local date format, download the latest here to resolve the issue.


Q. The auto installer file doesn't work, it says "Invalid Setup File"?

A. Release 1.10 of the auto installer gave this message on certain PDA types, Make sure you've got the latest version.


Q. When I perform an update only todays data is downloaded, I end up with a 'hole' in my data set?

A. Our data provider recently changed their data format during release 1.09, download the latest version here to resolve this issue.


Q. Will Neural Networks ever be incorporated into Pocket Charts?

A. Watch this space......


Q. What is shareware?

A. This is software you can download, check out, and decide whether or not it's right for you. If you like it you pay a small nominal fee for the full-featured program. It's the ultimate try before you buy policy!

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