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Pocket Charts can be evaluated forever for free, If you don't love it, then don't register it!
Download free evaluation version.
Quickly downloads stock data off the internet through any available connection.
Exceptionally quick and easy to use.
Obtain realtime quotes for every stock that you're watching.
Get quotes from various exchanges.
Only the data that is needed is downloaded.
Unlimited free data feed, no subscription required!
The user is able to zoom in/out, scroll and query by tapping the chart.
Fully interactive super slick stock charts.
M.A.C.D., Bollinger Bands, Full Stochastic Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, Moving Average, Trade Volume.
Range of configurable technical analysis options.
Ability to export data in ".prn" comma delimited format.
Export data to other applications.
Update your portfolio whilst you're on the move thanks to full Bluetooth compatibility!
Fully BlueTooth® compatible.
Hyper intuitive user interface and optimised coding make it a joy to use.
Download stock data straight to your PDA!
The Pocket PC2002 platform has been taken advantage of, Pocket Charts really leverages the most out of the operating system!
Compatible with ARM/StrongARM/SH3/MIPS.
Pocket Charts is smart enough to check for  a newer version of itself upon your command.
Seamless end of day data updating.
Clicking the Start/help menu whilst using PocketCharts will take you straight to the relevant help page, right on your PocketPC screen!
Context sensitive PocketPC Help.

Pocket Charts is a sophisticated charting application for the Pocket PC operating system. It enables you to quickly download stock/index price data off the Internet and then view it in the form of interactive charts on your PDA. Once you've downloaded the data you're able to view your price history charts off-line. Pocket Charts is compatible with various exchanges.

As well as standard price charts you can overlay many Technical Analysis charts, each one being fully configurable. This empowers the private investor with the ability to make buy/sell decisions no matter where he is, up a mountain, on a train or sat in his armchair. As an added bonus you're able to get price quotes on all of the stocks/indexes that you're watching. We believe this to be the best charting package available for any PDA at the present time, check out an independent review here.

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