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Comments from PocketCharts users:


Just a short note to thank for the upgrade to the latest version. The new version is brilliant - the changes to do with volume in the query popup and bar chart are much appreciated.

This software is by far the best on the market and is a credit to those of you who have developed it. Before this program came on the market recently I had been looking for something like this for my Pocket PC for months. The nearest competitor is only 20% as good as this software and most competitors have none of the features of Pocket Charts.

Thanks again & Regards, Mark Whitton.

You have a great product! I have looked for a portable application like this one for years - I am excited about PocketCharts.

Thanks, Nick.

The following was posted in an online forum:

A freind of mine at work, (another iPAQ owner), showed me a copy of 'Pocket Charts' that he was running.

As soon as I saw him scrolling and tapping the interactive charts my jaw dropped, this is what I've been looking for! It has better than 'MetaStock' quality charts and it runs on a PocketPC!

The application also has the ability to instantly download about 2 years worth of price history and view it's price chart immediately, no more waiting to build the history up a day at a time. If I miss a day by mistake then when I do get round to updating the software will fill any gaps in the data. It also has technical analysis. I'm now able to do technical analysis studies on stocks, using a device that fits in the palm of my hand... As a youngster I never dreamed of this, three cheers for PocketPCs and congratulations 'Pocket Charts' for a great product.

Your price is dirt cheap, and your product is worth more than what I was charged.


Thankyou for a wonderful product! The ability for me to play with technical analysis on my pocket pc is fun. I have the feeling of being a young boy again.

Gérard Caron.

I can't believe such a fantastic little program exists for the Pocket PC. I'm a private investor who holds a small portfolio of shares. Most of the stock charting software available is either very basic or very expensive. PocketCharts has the majority of features of the expensive professional trading software packages at an affordable price to the private investor. Thank you!!!!

S. Thomas.

Just a quick note to let you know that PocketCharts is a refreshingly easy to use program. Many other software packages come with high-tech instruction manuals that require the reader to hold some sort of technology degree. PocketCharts is so straight forward to use that I only needed to refer to the online instructions very briefly. Thank you Neurotrader Software.

Regards, Ms. Weiman.

This program is the best I have ever used on a Pocket PC, nice work.

G. Anderson.

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