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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How did you manage to keep the program size relatively small with such rich application content?

A: As a programmer, I've worked with embedded systems in industry for about 4 years. These systems, like PDAs, don't have lots of storage memory. As a result the program size must be kept as small as possible without compromising performance. PocketJam uses lots of neat tricks to keep size to a minimum. For example, when the program initialises it generates all of the lookup tables that it needs on the fly, this means that the lookup table data doesn't need to be stored permanently with the program data.


Q: I experience dropout when playing, the sound has tiny portions of silence in it?

A: What you're hearing is the CPU not being able to render the final mix in real time, some possible causes are:

[1] You may have other tasks running on your PocketPC in the background, try running PocketJam in as clean an environment as possible. Try performing a soft reset and executing ONLY PocketJam.

[2] An ActiveSync connection can eat up quite a bit of valuable CPU time! Close down ActiveSync, or better still perform a soft reset and try executing PocketJam on its own.

[3] Your CPU hasn't got enough grunt, when you next upgrade your PocketPC make sure you get as fast a processor as is possible.

[4] Upgrade to PocketJam 2, free of charge for existing PocketJam 1 customers. PocketJam 2 will be released by the 7th July 2003, see our news article.

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