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Just bought this program today after trying the demo, and was hooked instantly.

I play keyboard here, and most of the tracking software PC or otherwise has required too much devotion to learning the program (short attention span doesn't work out too good either ;)).

PocketJam's relatively simple learning curve was nice and easy to jump into without even looking at the manual until I was ready to start on something.

Mike "sponge" Rubits.

A quote from a review reads...

"Bear in mind that PocketJam costs $19.95 for two 303's and a drum machine.. a second hand 303 could well cost you 50 times that amount!"

Thanks for a great piece of PocketPC software!!!

I'm using Pocket Jam like a musical notepad, it enables me to store riff ideas! I'm also using exported WAV files in my desktop creations, (I just drop the WAVs into cubase).

Considering that it fits in my pocket, this software is AWESOME!

Thanks again, Jim Barnes (NY, NY, USA)

PocketJam is great! I now regularly plug my walkman headphones into my pocket pc and get creative whilst I'm on the tube commuting.

Thanks for a truly healing peice of software! Pete.M. (London UK)

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved the PocketJam for my PocketPC (Compaq H3950). I registered immediately after playing with it for a few minutes and I still am very glad with my purchase. I have registered another sequencer for the PocketPC, but I PocketJam is my favourite, just because it is so easy and fast to use. And the ability to export WAV files rocks, I can easily integrate PocketJam loops and tunes in my other pocket-sequencer.

Vincent, (Netherlands)

Just a short note of thanks for version 2 of PocketJam, I bought this a couple of months ago and while impressed with it at the time, the lack of ability to re-edit patterns within the loop mode really made it difficult to tweak my tunes as I would have liked. The improvements in this area, the better overall stability, and especially the ability to import samples has really sparked my interest in this again. I really, really appreciate all these changes...


AppVersion: 2.02

Suggestions for future PocketJam update:
1: Slide, Distortion and Pan controls for 2 Basslines.
2: Individual sample tuning and Pan control in Drum sample editor.

Other than that PocketJam trully ROCKS :) I have purchased It as soon as I saw the screenshot (I am ReBirth and Reason user) and don't have any regrets.



Im a Rebirth user and Cubase Sl. I work as a paramedic so loads of
time on standby. This Pocket Jam is excellent as I can write some tunes on the road then port them across as Wavs. Dont know what I would do with out it. A most excellent product, what next? Buy it.

Martin Hewlett

RE: Pocket Jam 2.02

This is the single greatest piece of music software I have ever used. You have rendered my Pocket PC a source of joy. The only improvement I can think of would be to get it to recognize files on an SD storage card. Keep up the great work. I'd give you all a hug, but my wife is watching. Oh yeah, Yahee is lots of fun too. :-) ... S. Brent.

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